The beings/creatures who occupy bodies with a pink epidermis [so-called white people] would like to BELIEVE, along with others who BELIEVE, that they are “superior” or “supreme” over the majority [i.e. People with a brown epidermis…so-called black people], but it’s so far from the facts. If anything, those pink convict-settlers (i.e. Crackers [as in cracked in their mentalities/shattered consciousness]) ONLY have the upper hand through forms of violence [ammunition, munitions, chemical warfare, drones, close air support, etc.], all around the planet. That’s what is utilized in order for them to back-up their rhetorical BS (i.e. Compulsory schooling via institutions, Media via entertainment/sports, Finance via Insurance Corps/Banking [Piracy]) forced onto the Brown-complexioned masses. So, in essence, “White Supremacy” is actually an outpost-settlement residing inside our being-brains. That cancerous thought that’s been passed down generationally; living in our heads, MUST be pruned out of our mentalities FIRST, in order to really deal with this BS and get s**t SOLVED. Now here’s the trick, most brown folk have TRICKED themselves into BELIEVING that they are not subjugated under this current mindset. But in all actuality, it’s only until ‘The One’ (innate self) [and groups of ONES] cease defining their realities through the eyes of so-called white people [words/languages/sustenance/self-defense/relationships/etc], one may began the serious WORK I mentioned, minus existing as MARKS & TRICKS inside their Frankenstein worldview. Peace….by Rawin Thutmose

African Americans Ain’t Africans Presents: Boule Bleachout: Tariq Nasheed


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Tonight we look at one of the personalities that help shape the consciousness of the African American community.

According to his bio, Mr. Nasheed is an author, documentary film producer, media personality, satirist, Internet radio host, relationship expert, and social commentator, focusing on the psychology of dating and African-American social history.

Tonight Rick Moon will break down Mr. Nasheeds contribution to the African American community. Are his ideas moving the group forward or does it simply bring more confusion to an already confused group of people…

Thursday May 28, 2015


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It has never been about black or white, christian or muslim, or crips or bloods,…EVIL is and has been always about CLASSISM and maintaining it. Wherever people reside they are programed to think that somehow they are better than the next person from their cultural upbringings, which it is in itself is the race between Intelligence and Ignorance,(THE I’s have it) all the rest are nothing more than divide and conquer….What we have is poor, better off, rich, and then there is the greedy…the ones that control the operators of who is allowed to say what and do what.. by this anyone that threatens that structure is dealt with with precision accuracy….there is no rocket science involved her it is just weakness to do something about it…that’s why I say The Venus Project or you will be better served to convince the invaders of this global western hemisphere lands to leave and my people will restore it to its full natural contents…..the invitation was to stay peacefully in cohabitation and everyone knows exactly how that turned out, right?….so, here is what is coming down the pipeline and the invaders need to come to grips with it……………………………….good morning, afternoon, evening, or night Wombmen and Men, please do not attempt to adjust your frequency…..this is the next step in the evolutionary process in acceptance of responsibilities….. .. … .. ….. . .. … . Everyone has to sleep sooner or later, Fred Hampton example, everyone has to eat and drink so some are poison, and everyone has to set on a toilet, flush it , wash their hands, their hair, their face, their body’s- no place to hid or run……see you don’t need guns and bullets to resolve your differences and no one is protected every single second of their breathing life, it only matters WHO’s next and WHO’s does not want to be the next one not here or no longer breathing…….hale Caesar, rockets to the moon JFK, trying to keep my hotel Moe Green , changing the world currency Khadi, and anyone in power today who that thinks that their own body guard would not take them out if the price was too high to ignore……people will do any and everything to be in charge of themselves asks the king of england as the SUN did stop shining on their flag….THIS LAND IS OUR LAND FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA, that’s a FACT JACK, “Here comes Chuck D with that Black shit!”…. Pass this around, stop all and everything, no other dialoguing anything else, no other hustling, no dealing, no stealing, no killing, no gossiping, no hatred, no violence, no love making, no sex, and no alcohol or drugs for seven days starting at midnight tonight. In those days only reflection on are WE to become 1 Group of people or stay conquer and divide forever. Please post your answer IN or OUT by 12:00 am/midnight June 19th 2015..if IN then post your The Name of which you feel best would apply to US as the lost people of no name, no land, no resources, no future by 12:00 pm/noon June 23, 2015. Think this over carefully, your children’s children’s children’s will look back that it was OUR generation who stop, marching, stopped knocking at the door and kicked it in and said get out of OUR house…. the question is will WE remain the Indigenous UnKnown People of this hemisphere or call OURSELVES ?….who said things cannot happen overnight……..the AGE of US – OURstory……this is The WaterMan “Convertext” to the ones who want to reclaim their Lands with the people whom were kidnapped and abused without mercy or humanity. IAMU, glad to meet me, feel me? I will post on my FB page each person’s name to come to a vote. Thanks for taking your energies to read this…”1Luv1People1Planet” ©®™ Peace be with US………Venus Project or return OUR LANDS!………….So Speaks The WaterMan-by Ama RA Iam U

African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: The Anasazi


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Tonight Ambassador RaDine Amen Ra returns as we trace the so called African American back to it’s Indigenous roots: The Anasazi Race. We will come to understand why the African American identity changes every generation, and why the African American is disconnected from their ancestral homeland and life, and why it is so difficult for the African American to understand reality.

Tuesday, May 26 2015


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Mama by Quincy Hott

Assessing this biologically, you are what your mother is. She contributed more genetic make up. All men contribute is 5 picograms of nDNA matching the Woman’s nDNA, that’s it. Meanwhile the Egg contributes an additional mtDNA which controls the matrix and GIVES IS LIFE. All the plasma, organs, skeleton, ect all is created by Lord Mama. The Y chromosome is 95% non-recombinant which means it can only pass on 5% of its genetic material, these locations are pseudo-autosomal regions 1 and pseudo-autosomal regions 2. Meanwhile the X is recombinant 100%, and the 5% of that Y mixes with a X. Plus, what makes maters worse for the Mama hating patriarch, is that men dont have seeds. Seeds have embryos, men do not have embryos. This is what happens when we parrot Greek ideologies. Women has the seeds and the garden (soil) us men fertilizes it like rain. 

African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: Construct of the Sword…


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African Americans don’t have a language, culture, spiritual practice or mind. Everything they have they have gotten, they have gotten from foreigners intent on confusing them. What’s so bizarre about this is that the African American will defend his right to be pimped. And if anybody wants to pimp them, they have the full blessing of the African American community. Find out tonight why the African American continues to be proud of being the footstool to the world.

Thursday May 21, 2015


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The term “black” is a term that describes what is about to happen or is happening to a people. It doesn’t describe what a person looks like. I mean really, have you ever really seen a person who is actually black? No it’s a term denoting what is happening to a people. In the case of the “black” Americans, this was used to wipe them out of the landscape of America to make the invading foreigners feel comfortable. Using the term “black” redacts the Indigenous people out of their ancestral homeland.