The African American has been taught that they were bought across the Atlantic kicking and screaming. When asked where their people were from in Africa, the African American grows silent.

The African American is in a current of  state of confusion. The actions of the civil rights pioneers successfully guaranteed that their grandchildren would be effectively wiped out of economic landscape. No worries though, they got jobs and pensions for helping other people build their empires, while they built none.

In his groundbreaking work, Confederate Currency: The Color of Money, John W. Jones investigates the issue of African American on the money in the south during so called slavery.

This question must be answered: Would Europeans go to Africa, kidnap Africans, drag them across the Atlantic swimming in their own urine and feces and vomit, beat them, sell them, work them like slaves, then put them on the money?

If you are a thinking person, common sense would tell you that this narrative doesn’t make a bit of sense. And it’s not supposed to.

The Indigenous Ancestors of the African American are on the money because, when the Europeans introduced paper money, it would be easier to trick the Indigenous people out of their markets if they “thought” they were a part of said market. That’s part of the takeover, letting someone con-fuse you into thinking you are something that you are not.

The cotton fields were cultivated by Indigenous females, the European powers simply tricked the the Indigenous males to side with him through his church and army, once the Indigenous males sided with his captors to fight himself, it was over.

Cotton fields, tobacco farms and hemp cultivation were just a few of the resources that the Indigenous people had cultivated for trade.

Is the African American prepared today to arm themselves with the knowledge needed to regain their resources and become a dominant player in world affairs, or, are they just content with buying cheap foreign goods to satisfy their conspicuous consumption habits…



By Radine Amen Ra

The introduction of Sex .

In the new European society Indigenous men would have a artificial right to pleasure themselves on the life forces of the Indigenous females by participating in the Carnal act of SEX. instead of intimacy 

Sex is the process used against females animals to force them to reproduce against their nature for breeding.

The act of sex reverses the forces used together by Indigenous females and males for replenishing life forces, now the  pro-creation forces will be used for consumption by the anasazi males from the females. The act of sex breaks down the life power of the Indigenous females ability to rebuild the life of their home on Earth and themselves as a people. The object of sex is to force the females to release her life giving energy produced and stored in the womb,(which is used in pro-creation and plant life rejuvenation), this process is done by forcing or putting a female on her back enabling the male to  put pressure against the womb while forcing pressure against the opening of the womb creating  a crack into the womb for the life giving energy to leak out. Once the womb is damaged, the life force energy  continues to leak out of the female until it is healed.

The constant new energy she receives from the earth into the womb to keep the womb full will now flow out of the womb, because the womb will only hold a smaller amount of life producing energy do to the breakdown of the wombs ability to hold the capacity of energy the womb was originally created to do.

Consequences of Sex.

Indigenous females losing their ability to renew the life force back to their original ability. The Indigenous females are living without their ability to renew life beyond themselves, the consequence for the Indigenous male, he will not have the ability to boost his life rejuvenation he once received from the Indigenous females to heal himself from injuries that could cause death. The Indigenous male loses his power over death.

Now the European men can kill the Indigenous men. For the first time Indigenous males experienced fear. The act of sex removed them from being fearless to fearful, and reduced them from being the most powerful males on the Earth to weak males called men..

Special note, the secret of the power over life and death is actually with the females, either we are used to support life, if not everything supported by our life will receive death.

To the wise ones…

You who are so wise must know that different nations have different conception of things. You will not therefore take it amiss if our ideas of the white man’s kind of education happens not to be the same as yours. We have had some experience of it.

Several of our young people were brought up in your colleges. They were instructed in all your sciences; but, when they came back to us, they were all bad runners, ignorant of every means of living in the woods, unable to bear either cold or hunger. They didn’t know how to build a cabin, take a deer, or kill an enemy. They spoke our language imperfectly.

They were therefore unfit to be hunters, warriors, or counsellors; they were good for nothing.

We are, however, not the less obliged for your kind offer, though we decline accepting it. To show our gratefulness, it the gentleman of Virginia shall send us a dozen of their sons, we will take great care with their education, instruct them in all we know, and make men of them.


Excerpt from The ebook African Americans Aint’ Africans…

The people who the world refers to as “African Americans” are no such monster. “African American” is a label or term used in the generational identity switch, used to trick the “African American” masses out of the gains earlier generations had made.!