Since becoming African Americans, the people have clamored for reparations. They haven’t gotten reparations because they can’t prove their case. You would think by now that the African American would have done a little bit of research into the matter, they haven’t. The foreigners have been the puppetmasters and the African American has been the dummy. I’m sure when they present they’re case for reparations the people who stole Africans want proof that this happened. Of course the African American has no proof. NONE. No slave ships, no eveidence of a corporation building slave ships in Portugal or Spain. No relief or help from their brothers and sisters in Africa. No testimony from their brothers and sisters in Africa. No Africans have written a story claiming they’re children were kidnapped and dispersed across the Americas. NOTHING.

Still the African American remains true to his/her programming…

But in real time, African Americans are drying up like the ancient egyptians.

Since they have little or no connection to Earth, the African American feels no part of it. Most are scared to go out into nature and experience it. Most won’t even go and visit where they’re grandparents and great grandparents are from. On a recent trip to Los Angeles I spoke to a lady who had just returned home from a family reunion in Alabama, the disdain on her face as she was explaining the difference between Los Angeles and Alabama was priceless. When she spoke about Alabama she looked like she wanted to vomit. But when she talked about Los Angeles she smiled and claimed no place is better than this.

Los Angeles is probably the biggest artificial city in the world, a huge movie set used for tricking the rest of the world, and since the African American is an artificial creation they fit nicely into an artificial environment.

While many of the worlds people are going through social upheavals and flee to America to claim the Indigenous peoples “milk and honey”, the African American claims he is also a foreigner, a refugee, kicked to the curb by his ancestors. This is the main reason for the African Americans detachment from Earth. They feel like they don’t belong in America. Which is why they are pimped the way they are.

A simple class action suit against a government that reclassifies them every generation would at least get the African American to think about himself, ancestors and children in a different way.


From their nakedness, Columbus inferred the native people to be an inferior race. Columbus wrote of the Indians he encountered, “They all go around as naked as their mothers bore them; and also the women.” However, he noted that “they could easily be commanded and made to work, to sow and to do whatever might be needed, to build towns and be taught to wear clothes and adopt our ways.” Although Columbus also wrote that “they are the best people in the world and above all the gentlest,” his record of the first encounter between Europeans and New World Indians was filled with accounts of enslavement, murder, and rape.

African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: Reasons why African Americans don’t move to Africa…


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Earlier this week Senalgalese rapper Akon asked, “why don’t African Americans go back home to Africa?” Tonight we will answer Akon’s questions and ask some questions of our own. Join us for the answers.

Thursday March 26, 2015


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A message to the Afrocentricks…

DVD cover

To any Pan-African/RBG Negro/Afrocentrist Negro/ “Hotep Nigga”/ “Black Kings and Queens/ Back to Africa Negroes out there……

People seem to believe that we hate Africa when we say we come from America via our elders words and research that we have found. That’s untrue. Africa is a very important and influential part of the history of this world. But I’m not from there. America is also important and influential. When I say America, I mean everything from Alaska to Argentina.

The only reason pan Africanists teach what they teach is because Europeans taught it first. They only reason they focus on Egypt is because Europeans focus on it. The only reason they teach that everybody comes from one woman and one man in Africa is because Europeans taught it first. We didn’t come up with that shit. Nor did “Africans”. But they are so romanticized with Africa, that they disregard and ignore the rest of the world. Who’s world is this? If you claim, one spot, Caucasians and Mongoloids will claim the rest.

If black Americans ancestors who supposedly came from that part of Africa, how come the people of west and central Africa have not ONCE reached out, supported or try to connect with the so-called African Americans in America?  It been over roughly 400 years, and the people of western and central Africa has not reached out or lifted one hand of support to the so-called African Americans. No financial aid? Nothing.

Dr. David Imhopet, a Pan African, claims Africans came to North South and Central America 56,000 years ago and he has all kinds of evidence to prove it. So if we have been here for so long then, why does he always keep going back and talking about Africa? If we, as black people, have been in America 56,000 years, then why hell aren’t these Pan Africans talking about are 56,000 year history in America?? You stupid Pan Africans don’t you realize you’re saying this is your land since you claim you were here first, but your dumb selves keep talking about Africa!!! Then he goes on to talk about the transatlantic slave trade of Africans into America. Didn’t he just say we came here 56,000 years ago? So also he claims African this and African that and Africans ran the whole world and how he was going off real evidence and not some theory….but he still can’t show any physical evidence of these hundreds of ships for the  millions of Africans supposedly brought here in the Atlantic slave trade. He also claims how Africans were here before Indians and the Indians are nothing but Asian that migrated above Canada as Eskimos that then came to America and bred with the Africans. This man keeps talking Africa instead of his people in America that’s been here like he says for 56,000 yrs. Seems the Pan-African/Back to Africa Negro worries more about Africa than the people of the continent of Africa.

Afro-Eurasia is the largest landmass, so why are we limited to Africa?

The word “Africa” itself is derogatory term and should not be used on anyone unless they’re Roman descent. Romans were the first Africans. The Romans had coins with “Africa” engraved on it. They drawn Africa (Afrique) in the image of a Roman woman. So if Africa mean Romans, how do that describe the people mistakenly known as “African American”?

If most of the supposed Black slaves imported into America from Africa were males, who were they mating with for most of us to maintain a deep brown complexion? They brought more men than women here, so who did these African men have children with? If we are a mixed race, why do we still have a dark brown complexion, and not look like a beige hybrid race? If we are a mixed race, why do the children still resemble their parents if the genes are distorted? Why do Black Americans resemble Melanesians and look like our own distinct people?

If the first Human came from Africa, why are we the only people who have to check African? Shouldn’t everyone have to check “African”?

Why would I need to go back to Africa, when the whole planet belongs to me and my ancestors? You pan-African will believe all that shit about black people coming from one continent (Out of Africa) and give accreditation to Caucasians that have been on this planet less than 6000 years. Why should I go back to Africa when I don’t come from there in the first place?

“In one word, the ultimate violence which the American White man, like the European White man, has exerted in all unconscious “good faith” upon the colored races of the Earth (and above all on the Negro) has been to impose on them invented identities. To place them in positions of subservianc and helplessness in which they themselves came to believe only in the identities which had thus been conferred upon them”……..I Have Seen what I was Looking for: Selected Spiritual Writings By Thomas Merton, page 163

The reason we’re so fucked up today, because Negro’s believe they’re from Africa, Negro’s believe they’re Egyptian, Negro’s believe they’re Hebrew Israelites, Negro’s believe they’re Asiatics, Negro’s believe they’re Moors. Our ancestors never told us we were none of those things. The people who INVENTED your history have no problem with you identifying yourself as an African, because as long as you do, you’re not a threat to their system.

The main objective from their leaders in the pan African community is to continue to make them feel victimized then make a DVD talking about how they are victims, throw in a couple of Egyptian tales, thus keeping them interested in the fantasy and having no solution to the real issues at hand. Their whole game is based on playing the victim while giving people a false sense of power through pyramids. That’s why the original Black Panthers didn’t play that pan African bull shit! They were about building Americans. So, whatever you show them if they don’t look like victims and it’s not depicting white men as rulers over them they wont buy it.~Nathan Dawson

African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: Selma, Fifty years later


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The Selma Jubilee is over. And just like the March on Washington, The Million Man March and The Selma to Montgomery March the people who are marching STILL spend the majority of their life’s energy making sure the system they march against works to perfection. How did we get to this point? And, why are new ideas rarely explored? Find out tonight…

Tuesday March 10, 2015


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Selma: 50 Years Later…


It seems as though the African American community loves to commemorate misery. Fifty years after being beaten and humiliated on a bridge for simply trying to intergrate themselves into the mess we now find ourselves. The African American decides that it’s time for a celebration.

And what were they celebrating? Well, the elders said that they marched and died so we could get the right to vote. Someone forgot to tell them that they live in a corporatocracy, where corporations dictates and pays elected officials to sway or outright fleece the people for the corporate interests. If the Selma crowd was any indication of the African American community, African Americans are in deeeep trouble.

When asked about the high incarceration rate for simple offenses like marijuana possession where brothas go to jail in droves, and whites makes trillions. The people were flippant, like they didn’t give a damn. When asked about the premature death rates in the “black” community, one lady told me “that we all got to die sometimes”. The community has been broken down into thousands of little fiefdoms each incapable of working themselves out of a paper sack.

The “black” church showed up praising Jesus for all that they had attained. Black “greeks” showed up. I never understood “black” greeks, while they are being a greek, who’s being them. The “black” motorcycle club showed up, and boy were they loud. The engines were so loud that they had to have extra loud music, imagine a sound system so loud that it drowns out a motorcycle engine.

The eyelashes were so big, it looked like the eyelids had to benchpress to wear them. About 20 million dollars in fake hair. But, I must confess you had very large contingent of people who no longer think they need weaves, makeup, long nails, etc to feel like they belong, that was a beautiful sight.

Another sight that was refreshing was a few young people astute enough to know there’s a problem, and want to assist in fixing the problem. Even though they were few and far between, the shined like a flashlight in the wilderness. but even they are realist when they say, we’re gonna need help from the elders. Are the elders listening? They haven’t so far…