A poem…

I said it before, I’ll say it again

African Americans Ain’t Africans.

Now many will laugh and some will attack

That’s all they do, but they never bring facts.

They kidnapped us, they stole us, they beat us with whips

They do that now fool, show me the ships.

Show you the ships? That was long ago they say

I saw the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria at a museum in May.

Well, if were not from Africa,then where are we from?

On the land you stand man, how did you get so dumb?

Oh, the people you call “they” told you not to read

It’s 2015, all i see is DVD’s.

Miseducation of the Negro, books like this are just to new

You need to go back further, maybe a century or two.

To a time long forgotten, your eyes covered by man

He puts his foot in your ass and skates around on your land.

But you’d better awaken quickly times not on your side

Or you’ll end up like the indigenous Egyptians, victims of genocide…

Non Essential Groups..


Imagine the energy of the moors, hebrews, christians,muslims, afrocentricks greek fraternaties, athletes, employees, military(active and nonactive), college students, school age children, all working together to stave off this genocide. You see, the problem is the African American has been reduced to these non essential groups that does NOTHING for them or the group as a whole. ALL of the groups teach a foreign doctrine that directs the attention of the African American away from themselves making it easy for them to be conquered. The African American defends this position, defends this foreign doctrine, while all the while learning ZERO about themselves and their purpose for life…

In the name of the Lord….

On September 15th 1963, four babies were killed when the church they were attending was blown up in Birmingham. For some reason, “black” people thought it would be wise to integrate with the people who would disrespect them like that.

Last night, 9 people were supposedly killed when another foreigner walked into their church and snuffed out their lives. Stay tuned for the upcoming march.

It seems that the African American was created to be the footstool of the world, a role in which they are very proud of.

African Americans don’t mind sacrificing their lives as long as they can eat at other peoples restaurants.

The African American doesn’t mind making asses of themselves as long as the same people who disrespect them, teaches them. And by the African Americans actions, they have been trained to be double dumb.e

Why didn’t the Lord save those 9 people? Probably the same reason he didn’t save the four little girls.

Because he don’t exist.  But don’t tell the African American that, they have more children to sacrifice…

The Term Black


The hoopla this week over a paleface women who has been masquerading as a “black” woman, has the African Americans panties in a bunch.

How did she go undetected so long? I guess a wig and a couple of days in the tanning booth is enough to fool the “first people on the planet?”

How is it so easy to fool an African American?

How come paleface can tell  African Americans anything and they believe it?

The African American has been labled and renamed so many times that they don’t have a clue to who they are. That’s why anybody can claim they are black, even the definition of that word doesn’t describe the African American.

It’s a word used when you want to hide or get rid of something. Besides have you ever saw a “black” person?

Nobody cares if Rachel Dolezal is the president of the Seattle chapter of the NAACP. It’s not a “black” organization anyway.

What should be a concern for the African American community is that they are ALWAYS in the news being made an ass of.

It happens so often that now Negroes can’t wait to be played. But this case is proof that you can tell an African American anything and they will believe it, as long as it’s not truth…

Ignorance and Arrogance….

Ignorance and Arrogance….


In their 1979 smash hit “Another Brick In the Wall” the British Band Pink Floyd was reminding everyone that “we don’t need no education” and “we don’t need no thought control”.

The thought control that the African American child is forced into by the very same people who just had their minds washed a few years earlier, gives testament to the fact that the African-American is “just another brick in the wall”.

What the African American is experiencing in Texas is the EXACT same thing their grandparents experienced fifty years ago in Birmingham.

Why would anyone want to live around people who is disgusted by your very appearance so much, that they would smash your daughters face into the ground while pulling guns on your children,

These and recent incidents like this gives proof that the Civil Rights Movement, was in reality the Civil Rights Sham.

Of course the Civil Rights Pioneers will sneer at that notion, but they only do it to keep the people they represent dumb and docile.

How come African Americans as a group don’t take their creative genius and build cities, towns, education centers, museums, automobiles, planes, weapons, vehicles for interstellar travel, etc?

How come the African American as a collective don’t take their health issues into their own hands, so they could heal themselves?

After all, these are the first people on the planet, these are “Black” Kings and Queens, these are the people that claim all other people come from them.

The feel good stories that the African American receives from it’s “scholars” may feel good, but it trains the mind to ignore very important steps that would introduce the youth into new ways of seeing the world.

Ignorance simply means the act of Ignoring. Ignorance is what the African American feeds on, from the youngest to the oldest, from the richest to the poorest.

It is these feel good stories that make the African American proud, never mind that the stories make no logical sense, the African American will beat his chest to falsehoods. This arrogant attitude goes on to destroy the community, because NO viable information can be passed on to the youth, and they will continue the same cycle as his ancestors.

Bermuda Triangle

Was talking to an Elder this morning who says that we are African. I asked him to explain? Of course he couldn’t, He asked me where I’d been in the last 30 years, and how didn’t I know life started in Africa, everyone knows that. A couple hours later I asked him about the Bermuda Triangle, he says that’s a part of the ocean that’s so treacherous that nothing can come through. So I asked him, so, how did all those slave ships get through? That was 8 hrs ago…

How the African American was Created Pt. 1


In 1988, the people who were previously called “black americans” had their ethnic identities changed once again. From now, until “the powers that be” deemed it necessary, they would now be referred to as African Americans.

A decade earlier, a Navy intelligence officer tricked the “black” community with a minstrel show called “Roots”. It was not enough that he was smack dab in the middle of Malcolm X’s murder. He had to psychologically disconnect the Negro from his ancestral homeland.

Today, the African American is a remnant of they’re Indigenous selves, and it all happened with the full cooperation of the African American.

Since the American Indian chose to be the footstool of the coporate states, the corporate state would over the next 200 years change the identity of the Indigenous people to remove him with the pen instead of the sword. And finally renaming them Africans would make them believe that they came to America swimming in urine and feces, while eating in the same conditions.

This move was key in keeping Indigenous people in a childlike state, where they’re emotions rule and common sense and logic are rarely displayed.

The Ancestral name for the American Indian is Anasazi. The Anasazi were the people who inspired the Indigenous Americans to be better and greater than what they were. The Navaho call them Ancient foes, because of the wars they were having with them because of the invasion of the foreigners who were scorching the landscape.

As foreign Invaders began to pour into America, they bought things with them that were new to the Indigenous people. The main product was the gun. Many Indians thought it amazing that you can rid the world of a human life with one shot, the invaders told the males that he could have a gun if he bought them an Indigenous female, this is where pimping gets it’s start.

As the females were being removed from the land, the males began to receive more and more guns. The problem that the American Indian would soon realize, that the guns primary purpose was to kill him, not the conquerors…