How the African American was Created Pt. 1


In 1988, the people who were previously called “black americans” had their ethnic identities changed once again. From now, until “the powers that be” deemed it necessary, they would now be referred to as African Americans.

A decade earlier, a Navy intelligence officer tricked the “black” community with a minstrel show called “Roots”. It was not enough that he was smack dab in the middle of Malcolm X’s murder. He had to psychologically disconnect the Negro from his ancestral homeland.

Today, the African American is a remnant of they’re Indigenous selves, and it all happened with the full cooperation of the African American.

Since the American Indian chose to be the footstool of the coporate states, the corporate state would over the next 200 years change the identity of the Indigenous people to remove him with the pen instead of the sword. And finally renaming them Africans would make them believe that they came to America swimming in urine and feces, while eating in the same conditions.

This move was key in keeping Indigenous people in a childlike state, where they’re emotions rule and common sense and logic are rarely displayed.

The Ancestral name for the American Indian is Anasazi. The Anasazi were the people who inspired the Indigenous Americans to be better and greater than what they were. The Navaho call them Ancient foes, because of the wars they were having with them because of the invasion of the foreigners who were scorching the landscape.

As foreign Invaders began to pour into America, they bought things with them that were new to the Indigenous people. The main product was the gun. Many Indians thought it amazing that you can rid the world of a human life with one shot, the invaders told the males that he could have a gun if he bought them an Indigenous female, this is where pimping gets it’s start.

As the females were being removed from the land, the males began to receive more and more guns. The problem that the American Indian would soon realize, that the guns primary purpose was to kill him, not the conquerors…

African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: The Transatlantic Myth…

African Americans Ain’t Africans Radio Presents: The Transatlantic Myth…


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The “African American” story starts in the trunk of a ship. But, why don’t Africans from the continent repeat this story? Why are there NO ships? Is the Atlantic ocean really that calm, where wooden boats can cross the seas? Why do so called “African Americans” believe anything, especially when it makes no sense.

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The Transatlantic Lie…


One of the biggest myth’s ever believed, was the Transatlantic Slave Trade. this story is sold to people who have lost their ability to think. The way they are packed in like sardines should tip anybody off.

-What did these people eat and drink?

-They ate and drank laying down?

-Did they have bottled water?

-Did they use the bathroom on each other?

-Who cleaned up the mess?

Our online classes give you 200+ reasons why the North American African Slave movement is a psychological program used to trick the negro/black americans out of their ancestral home on earth.